What’s New in PostgreSQL 9.6

Presenter: Bruce Momjian, Co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and Senior Database Architect, EDB
Date: Tuesday, September 20 at 1:00 pm ET (US)

Register for the September 20th webinar on the new release of PostgreSQL 9.6 with Bruce Momjian as he discusses the new features:

  1. Parallel sequential scans, joins and aggregates
  2. Elimination of repetitive scanning of old data by autovacuum
  3. Synchronous replication now allows multiple standby servers for increased reliability
  4. Full-text search for phrases
  5. Support for remote joins, sorts, and updates in postgres_fdw
  6. Substantial performance improvements, especially in the area of improving scalability on many-CPU servers

Target Audience: This presentation is intended for DBAs who are responsible for the administration of Postgres databases, as well as developers who use Postgres for their applications. Participants will learn what’s new in PostgreSQL 9.6 and which use cases might be enabled by these new and improved functionalities.