Lætitia Avrot

Field CTO

Since 2007, Lætitia Avrot has acquired deep expertise in the use of PostgreSQL. As a DBA working in complex environments and addressing subjects such as high availability, high-volume and highly transactional projects of critical importance, business continuity plans, and load balancing, Lætitia is able to provide comprehensive insight from architecture definition to production deployment, as well as effectively solving problems.

Committed to the PostgreSQL community, Lætitia is a co-founder of Postgres Women and has held positions as a member of the steering committee and treasurer of PostgreSQL Europe. In addition to submitting patches for code and documentation, her multiple contributions have been widely recognized, allowing her to become a nominated contributor to the project.

With extensive experience in customized solutions, an excellent ability to understand and respond to needs, and a pedagogical approach to explaining recommendations, Lætitia is a highly appreciated expert in the world of PostgreSQL.

Lætitia Avrot

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