Need to break free from Oracle? An open source-based DBMS like Postgres is the answer. So, what is stopping you?

Discover how to migrate from Oracle to Postgres, quickly and without risk. Marc Linster, EDB’s SVP of Product Development, explains how to leverage tools and technologies to convert your Oracle database to EDB Postgres with ease.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

What challenges to look for, like complex schemas, database stored procedures and more

Where to start, like self-contained databases that help free up Oracle licenses

And, when to deploy your workload on-premises or in the cloud

Marc will demo a sample Oracle database migration, including the schema and the data, in just minutes using the fully-automated EDB Postgres Migration Portal. Plus, he’ll share how you can start to migrate too using EDB’s free 60-day trial.

About the Presenter
Marc Linster
Ph.D., is EDB’s Senior Vice President of Product Development and leads EDB’s engineering divisions and product development groups.

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